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About ALCLA Native Plants

ALCLA Native Plants has been promoting the use of native plants since 1992. In late 2019 the company was sold to Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed and Ben Hartney. We will carry on Dr. Al and Pat Fedkenheuer’s legacy of diverse plant selection and quality and continue to be a trusted source of native plant expertise in Southern Alberta.

We wild-collect our seed to develop and preserve plant genetic diversity. This helps to ensure plant survivability in the specific environmental conditions of your project. Our specialty is perennial forb/ wildflower, grass, and shrub plug production. We have some plants in larger pots (or can upon request) and sell seed for many species listed in our catalogue.

Projects the company has been involved with include schoolyard naturalization, home gardens, green roofs, prairie restoration, and mining/pipeline reclamation.

Ben has a professional horticulture background including indoor work with tropical plants and several years of landscaping experience, both construction and maintenance, done while apprenticing through Olds College to obtain his Red Seal certification in Landscape Horticulture. He has been involved in the design/build of numerous garden beds. His extensive volunteerism with community gardens, specifically Community Crop (CC), led him to begin a seed saving project which he was involved with for seven years. The work with CC has brought him closer to the horticultural community and a more meaningful relationship with plants.

Latifa holds a BSc in Botany from the University of Calgary and a MSc in Herbal Medicine from Middlesex University, London, UK. She has been working with native plants for over a decade including herbarium collections, field plant identification (Southern Alberta), and forestry data collection and specimen identification (Northern Alberta). In 2016 she founded Latifa’s Herbs, which primarily serves to educate the public on the edible and medicinal uses of wild plant species in both Alberta and British Columbia. She is a practising herbalist and a former faculty member at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC where she taught Botany and Horticulture in addition to Wild Plant Nutrition.”

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